The Truth About COVID-19


Over 1.1 million Americans are reported to have died from COVID-19, far more than were killed in World War I (116,516), World War II (405,399), Korean War (36,516), Vietnam War (58,220), and the wars in Iraq (4,786) and Afghanistan (2,325) combined. USA's reported COVID-19 death rate of 3,318 per million is 10,400% higher than the 32 per million in Burundi, a poor country whose GDP per capita of $265 is only 4% of America's $69,726.

It is now coming to light that most of the COVID-19 deaths were preventable, many of them were due not to COVID-19 but to highly toxic new drugs that were given to COVID-19 patients, as well as hospital practices that knowingly withheld a safe and effective drug for COVID-19.

Most troublingly, SARS-CoV-2 has been exposed as a genetically-engineered virus that was used to scare the world's population into being injected with a synthetic genetic material that turned the human body into a factory for producing trillions of copies of an extremely toxic, synthetic protein. Excess deaths have already risen to unprecedented levels and are continuing to rise. For details, visit the pages below.